RE Specialty Chemicals Ltd

Fuel additives, diesel additives, oil additives, corrosion inhibitors, home heating additives

RE Specialty Chemicals Ltd are a privately owned UK based company working with a wide range of companies operating within the fuel industry.  


With ISO9001 and ISO14001 manufacturing facilities, we can provide commercial scale products to meet stringent quality and specification requirements.


Our main office and technology centre are based in the UK, with representatives throughout Europe.


RE Specialty Chemicals Ltd has a team of personnel with extensive technical knowledge of our core industries, enabling us to provide innovative, bespoke solutions to companies seeking improved fuel properties and performance.


We work closely with our customers to develop new products and formulations for specific applications.  


To find out more about the products and services available at RE Specialty Chemicals Ltd, please contact us. 


RE Specialty Chemicals have established supply relationships with a range of prominent companies in the oil/fuel industry.  Our work has typically involved the development and manufacture of a range of bespoke additive products for their applications.