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Biofuel additives


Biofuels are an important and growing addition into fuels.  Biofuels are now included across most diesel fuel grades for road transportation.  The use of Biofuels is expected to increase both in terms of its ratio in fuel, and also the scope of use in the transportation sector. Biofuels use will extend from passenger and heavy goods vehicle fuels, and into other sectors including Marine fuels, and Aviation fuels.


Biofuels will be a vital component in reaching the ambitious Carbon dioxide emission reduction targets set out in climate legislation.


RE Specialty Chemicals can provide additives to support the increased use of Biofuels, helping to ensure quality, and enhance performance.

Examples are:


Dehazers / Demulsifiers

Rremoves water from biofuels to enhance fuel brightness, clarity and stability, allowing increased use of bio components, detergents, and other emission and performance enhancing additives in biofuels. 



Anti-oxidant / Stability additives

The bio element in biofuels have a greater propensity to oxidise and degrade the fuel.  This can render the fuel unusable, and can cause damage to vehicle engines.  RE Specialty Chemicals can provide an innovative, patented anti-oxidant for biofuels, that reduces the rate of oxidation compared to traditional antioxidants, and at lower treat rates.  Its unique mechanism of electron exchange, helps to reduce the rate of oxidation, and exceed strict rancimat testing regimes.  This additive can be a vital component for all biofuels.


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